Game Rules

The rules for the game are realtively simple and are created to ensure every player is safe and has a good time.

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in a punishment at the discretion of the game staff.


Each player is allowed to have one account. Having multiple accounts is a bannable offense.


All forms of in-game communication must be appropriate. This includes, but not limited to, messaging, politician name, party names.

Mean comments, vulgar lanaguage, references to Nazism or Nazi related names and tiles, terrorism organizations related names or titles etc. are not allowed and will result in your account being reviewed.


Using in-game communication methods to flame, troll, bait, or otherwise harass other players will result in you account being reviewed.


Creating accounts in an attempt to impersonate any staff member is a bannable offense.

Account Selling

Buying or selling your account is strictly prohibited.

Forcing players to quit or leave the game

Bullying, harrassing, or otherwise coercing/encouraging players to quite the game is against the rules.

Moderation as a weapon

Using (or attempting to use) moderation as a weapon is against the rules.